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  1. Plural of manifesto


  1. third-person singular of manifesto

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A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature, but may also be life stance related. However, manifestos relating to religious belief are rather referred to as credo.


Manifesto [mid 17th century] is derived from the italian word 'manifestare', which is Latin meaning 'make public'.

Electoral manifestos

In some parliamentary democracies, political parties prepare electoral manifestos which set out both their strategic direction and outlines of prospective legislation should they win sufficient support in an election to serve in government. Legislative proposals which are featured in the manifesto of a party which has won an election are often regarded as having superior legitimacy to other measures which a governing party may introduce for consideration by the legislature. Although, in recent decades the status of electoral manifestos in the UK has diminished somewhat due to a significant tendency for winning parties to, following the election, either ignore, indefinitely delay, or even outright reject manifesto policies which were popular with the public.
The presidential democracy equivalent is the party platform.

Notable manifestos


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